Prune Lan-Huong Martinez


Body Stress Release: Unlocking tension, restoring self-healing.

BSR is a gentle health technique, which stimulates the body to release locked-in muscle tension.

The nervous system, which functions as a "communication system" in the body, is hampered by local muscle tension. If the nervous system regains space, the body and its self-healing function will improve and both acute and long-term health problems will diminish or disappear.

Those are the most common reason people come for BSR, as we all want to be free of pain. As body stress compresses the nerves, the result is often:

  • Pain.
  • Numbness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Muscle stiffness (with restricted movement and loss of flexibility)
  • Headache and/or migraine
  • Distorted posture
  • Joint degeneration
  • Constant tiredness / fatigue
  • Psychological effects
  • Disturbed function
  • Infertility,
  • Bladder infections
  • Indigestion, constipation or diarrhea
  • Pins and needles, cramps or burning feet
  • Colic in babies
  • Growing pains in children
  • Other disturbed bodily functions.

BSR is suitable for babies, children, adults, pregnant women and elderly people.

Oh! And we also work with animals (horses, dogs, goats, and even guinea pigs, …)


“To benefit fully from the body’s capabilities we need to accept responsibility for our lifestyle choices and realise that we do influence our state of health. To deny this responsibility would be to see yourself as a victim of your circumstances. This would lead you to seek an external solution and to believe that someone else will heal you. Of course, outside assistance may help, but it is your own body that does the healing. When we accept responsibility we access the power that lies within us.”

Self-Healing with Body Stress Release (ISBN: 978-0-86486-783-4), by Gail Meggersee, co-founder of the BSR technique.

In the praktijk, I am especially interested in one thing, the one condition your body should be in: healthy. And, for me, “healthy” looks a little different for everyone.

That means that each BSR sessions are unique. The BSR homework that I sometimes will give you is designed along your BSR sessions to help you resolve your pain and dysfunction. As long as you are on your journey to health, you are on a good journey. Even if it can be challenging! Never forget that healing is a process: this pain is not forever.

And it matters in that process to tell what and how you are feeling.

I love what I do, and I am deeply grateful when you consider trusting me enough to take me along that journey.

[BSR is my main ground of expertise but I also work with myofascial manipulations and primary reflexes exercises. I am overall interested about all holistic techniques and I am then constantly studying and learning.]


  • Prune Martinez, BSR practitioner
  • +31 (0)6 33 50 89 81
  • To secure an appointment or for further information call 5 days a week from 10.00 to 20.00
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  • PRUNE MARTINEZ: Monday – Wednesday – Thursday
  • JOCHEM ALINK: Tuesday & Friday
  • From 10.00 to 18.00

Duration & price of the BSR session:

  • Intake session (including release): 60 minutes – 60€
  • Regular BSR session: 45 minutes – 53€
  • Out of practice hours tariff: 60€
  • With Prune the BSR session are held in English, French or Spanish (I can understand a bit of Dutch).


Before starting with BSR, I recommend you one practical thing: call your insurance company to learn about your reimbursement possibilities.

During a BSR session, you will keep your comfortable clothes on and will remove your shoes (in that regard, please bring an extra pair of clean socks),

Directly after a BSR session (in the same day) you should not practice any sports that involve the bending and twisting of the spine (ex: golf, yoga, …).

BSR is a technique that will enhance your body ability to heal. With it comes greater sensation, this will ask of you to be aware of your healing process and to respect it.

Healing starts in the practice but most of it happens out of it!

What does this mean? It means that your responsibility during the BSR process is, for instance, to work on your posture at home and at work, it is also to re-evaluate your conscious response to stress factors (physical, emotional, etc…).

Let’s work together!


Aevitae (plus, top), Avéro Achmea (start, royal, excellent), De friesland zorgverzekeraar (AV standard, AV extra, AV optimaal), FBTO (module alternatieve geneeswijzen), ONVZ (Optifit, Topfit), OZF (AV compact, AV royaal), VvAA (optimaal, top, excellent), Zilveren Kruis (2, 3 en 4 sterren), …

Important: please do call your zorgverzekeraar to make sure of your reimbursement modalities.


Lid van BSAN (Body Stress Release Associatie Nederland) en BSRA (body Stress Release Association – South Africa).


Prune Martinez